N06 East Village

Built on the former site of the Olympic Athletes Village

This scheme was designed by the architects Hawkins Brown and constructed by Mace, who were very easy to work with and have a great project team.

One of the main challenges of the project was the fact that is was being constructed during lockdown, and both design team and project team were all working from home, but because of such good communications across the teams, everything flowed very well. N06 East Village is located at the site of the former 2012 Athletes Village and close to the London Olympic Park 2012, so there’s plenty of sports locations nearby!

The façade sections were constructed using a modern method that involves some manufacturing and assembly being completed offsite. They were pre-assembled and fixed offsite onto the precast concrete floor units and this new high rise construction solution, removes the need for scaffolding Because each floor is fully enclosed, it reduces project time and the risk of site operatives working at height and increases project speed time with less labour needed on site. This was especially beneficial considering construction was during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is believed that throughout this project there was 40% less vehicle movements to and from site and 70% less site waste created.*

We supplied the original Quadra metal riser doors throughout the two residential towers however we have since improved the doorsets and they are now Quadra+. N06 East Village project has a modern interior with bright, bold colours featured on both the inside and the outside façade. Selo’s concealed riser doors were a perfect fit with their interior design providing a sleek, flush solution throughout the corridors.

This project was one of the first major projects that we supplied our Quench fire-stopping protection to after they requested a factory fitted fire stopping solution. Quench is a safe and reliable solution that is pre-fitted to the riser door frame, removing the need to apply intumescent mastic. It has a 120minute fire resistance rating when used in conjunction with Selo’s Quadra+ riser door system. This solution removes the need to work inside the riser to apply the intumescent and thus removing the fall risk and hazardous working environments.

*Source: https://www.cast-consultancy.com/knowledge-hub/plot-n06-east-village/


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