What finishes can I have with metal riser doors.

Hello and welcome to the Selo Academy!

In this video I am going to cover the different finishes you can have with the Selo riser doors systems.

A lot of work has gone into making sure as many situations and finishes can be accommodate so your interior design is not compromised.

There are six finishes that I am going to cover:

Firstly the most common option is to paint over the riser door with the rest of the wall so it blends in perfectly giving you maximum concealment. The Quadra riser door comes in a dead matt finish which is ready to take paint without and preparation work.

Another option is to simply leave it as delivered, the dead matt finish blends in well with emulsioned walls. This is the simplest option with no extra work.

One point worth mentioning is if you are looking for the ultimate fully concealed finish then the concealed lock is what you are looking for. This allows the lock to be completely concealed along with the rest of the door.

Another scenario that comes up is wallpaper. Now wallpaper can be applied to the riser door but a couple of points on this:

One – we need to be made aware that wallpaper is being applied so we can provide larger gaps to allow the wallpaper to be fitted properly.

If it is fire rated then it must have been tested with that wallpaper material applied to the riser door to ensure the doorsets still meets the performance required. At Selo we have a range of wallpapers tested.

Another option is decorative plaster such as armourcoat where the plaster applied to the wall has a colour or a texture to it that you want to carry on over the door face to conceal it. This option is covered with our Ligna riser range solution where you can simply plaster over the face.

Finally tiling or stone, glass or mirrors – this is also covered in our Ligna riser range where the door can be tiled along with the rest of the wall. One very important point on this – please do reach out to us before specifying or purchasing as the thickness of the tile, stone or glass is important and also if it is fire rated then it is important you use the correct adhesive.

That covers all the finishes available for the Selo riser door range. If something hasn’t been covered then please do reach out and ask.

Thank you for watching and we look forward to working with you soon.

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