Innova | Pivot Doors

  • Sound wave
    34dB Acoustic Attenuation
  • Icon showing fire
    FD30 Fire Rated
  • Icon showing smoke seals
    Smoke Seals Available


Inward-opening concealed frame door utilising a pivot-hinge.

The Innova doorset provides a flush-finish solution for corridors and other applications where an inward-opening doorset is required.

Innova Inward opening timber doors

Using a traditional doorset system, the door leaf opens outwards or towards you when looking at the flush face. Using the Innova system, it is the opposite! Viewed from the flush face, the door opens inwards, away from you. This complements the other Selo systems; Arriva and Enigma to provide you with a range to fulfil your design criteria and aspirations whatever your situation or door configuration.

Timber Doors High-density solid timber core

Innova doors are made to suit every individual order, taking into account size, quantity and finish. Either lipped with hardwood
and veneered with an opaque kraft paper to conceal the lippings ready for final painting, or veneered to suit your requirements.

Pivot Hinge For a smooth inward door swing

Manufactured from stainless steel with self-lubricating phosphor-bronze inserts fitted to the sockets, providing maintenance-free usage.
The hinge is provided pre-fitted to the head of the Innova frame and the door leaf is provided with cut-outs for the sockets.

Flush Skirting Minimalist details

As well as traditional skirting Innova can also be used with flush skirting for a minimalist look. This will need to be specified to ensure the frames are prepared to suit this detail.