SEMINAR Doors & Walls under review

SEMINAR Doors & Walls under review
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14th July 2022 @Building Centre
Increase fire compliance through better knowledge of Fire Doors and their supporting construction.

Fire Safety Seminar

Selo, has joined forces with leading building materials company Knauf to deliver a fire safety seminar regarding fire door and wall system specification.  Being held at the Building Centre, London between 10am and 12:30pm on 14 July, the “Getting it right, when it comes to fire door and wall systems!” seminar will clarify and explain the requirements of updated standards and regulations and provide essential guidance with regard to the specification of fire doors and walls as a system for fire integrity. 

Comprising two presentations from the technical teams of Selo and Knauf, the seminar will also talk about the recently introduced Building Safety Bill, explain why it’s important to involve door and wall system specialists as soon as possible in the specification process and give attendees the opportunity to quiz technical experts from both companies in a Q&A session.

Core topics being covered by Selo’s technical team include fire door testing and good practice, fire door ratings, the requirements for supporting construction surrounding a fire door, Approved Doc B, and the need to consider fire doors and surrounding wall constructions as one complete system.   While Knauf’s technical team will explain requirements regarding lining of jambs, lined masonry walls, the difference between rigid and flexible wall constructions, and key project stages.

The “Getting it right!” seminar will be held at the Building Centre in Seminar Suites A and B.  Lunch and refreshments will be provided. For more information and to register your place, please add your details below. We have limited space for the event therefore if you are interested, we recommend booking ASAP!

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